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The Life and Work of Ghost Hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren in Monroe, Connecticut

About the Warrens
Ed was born September 7, 1926 in Bridgeport,CT, living in a haunted house his early years. He died August 23, 2006 in the arms of Lorraine Warren, his wife and partner for over 60 years. Lorraine was born January 31, 1927 also in Bridgeport, CT. From her early childhood, Lorraine has been able to see auras around God's creation. She has developed her psychic gifts throughout the years and is known as a light trance medium. Together, they have investigated more than 2,000 cases of paranormal activity throughout the world. This website will present personal writings, files, cassette tapes, video tapes, photos, and other works collected from these investigations and private life, along with Lorraine's personal recollections.

Truth and Honesty
This site will present the life and files of Ed and Lorraine in a very personal and honest way. As I digitize these volumes, they will be presented here. These files unfortunately have been victim of the elements, age and others who have picked through and taken personal items and documents throughout the years. In one case, two men came to Ed Warren promising a movie about their cases. They took evidence and files on at least 5 cases, and never returned anything, and the Warrens have never been compensated. Lorraine personally went to see him and asked for these items to be returned, but was denied. Morally, this is theft at the least. Inspite of these loses, there is so much that needs to be shared.

Museum, Ed and Lorraine Warren in Monroe, CT

One site is selling tapes and books under the name Seekers of the Supernatural, a cable TV show hosted by the Warrens and Tony Spera, But this group is not affiliated with the Warrens. They have stolen information and recordings and are using the Warren name for profit and personal gain, against the Warrens' wishes. As they are working outside of the USA, there is little we can do. The Warren's never charged for their services nor sought to profit from their God given gifts.

Many use the Warrens for a reference or validation of their own claims and activities. Please use caution in believing or accepting any such claims. Ed and Lorraine have met and worked with many through their own classes, investigations and lectures in colleges and universities throughout the USA.

We are excited by a Warner Brothers theatrical movie "The Conjuring" being released July 19, 2013. It is based on a Warren Case in Rhode Island about a Bewitched Farmhouse. New Line Cinema has been working with Lorraine on this project for the past few years. They have spared no money for a top notch cast and crew. I have personally read the script and it is phenomenal! For more information, please go to, and

This website is created by Rev, James Anziano, under the approval of Lorraine Warren and Tony Spera. I am a Roman Catholic Priest, validly ordained and still practicing ministry for over 30 years. I now live in Monroe, CT in an apartment in the Warren Home. The Eucharist is celebrated every day here. We keep a prayer vigilance here over the Museum and for the souls seeking peace. It is our personal belief that a strong and active faith is needed if you are involved with the paranormal. Unfortunately, for their own reasons, others have tried to stop this by false allegations and phoney internet documents. We place our trust in the Lord and move ahead.

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