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Ed and Lorraine Warren
Over 60 years of experience

For over 60 years they helped people with paranormal problems.
Their faith in God was their main support through the unknown and in their fight with the devil and the occult.

Rev. James J. Anzianno
Friend AND Archivist for Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Together Ed and Lorraine Warren have been paranomal investigators for over 60 years. Although Ed was called home in 2006, Lorraine continues today at 87 years of age. Preceded by Harry Price in the United Kingdom, Ed and Lorraine are pioneers in paranormal reseach when it was frowned upon or even considered close to heretical and/or hallucinatory. In their long career, Ed and Lorraine dealt with ghosts, apparitions, hauntings, levitations, possesions, exorcisms, curses, demons, devils, witches, warlocks. werewolves, orbs, psychic photos. the Amityville Horror, and a bewitched farmhouse that is the story behind the movie The Conjuring.* And that movie barely scratches the surface of the experiences of the Parron Family or Ed and Lorraine's life experiences.**

Today, ghost shows abound on TV and internet involving the famous to ordinary people next door. Self anointed experts and demonologists proclaim with dogmatic certainty what lays beyond the veil and what you must do (beware when fools rush in where wise men fear to tread). And so many claim to be psychic or sensitive who can see things no one can verify. In some way or another, all these owe a debt to Ed and Lorraine who blazed the trail and took the heat of disbelief, ridicule and criticism. It was only later that they were recognized and appreciated. Their courage and dedication to use their God given gifts to help people "haunted" "possessed" or dabbling in the occult, and their strength and witness to bring to the public these stories and their own findings, is due to their authenticity and unique God given gifts. They don't walk on water or wear halos and wings, but they are in touch with them. Their faith guided and protected them, both from human and inhuman attacks. Ed and Lorraine Warren

Room The personal files of Ed and Lorraine Warren have been dormant for many years, and now are ready to live once again. If you want to know about Ed and Lorraine Warren, you have come to he right place. This site will present the life and files of Ed and Lorraine in a very personal and honest way. Organizing and digitizing these files will take time and what is presented will be approved by Lorraine. These files unfortunately have been the victim of the elements, age and people who have picked through and taken personal items and documents throughout the years. Lorraine tells me Ed wrote and saved notes on all cases, but few notes remain, especially on their most celebrated cases, like Amityville and Lindley Street. But what needs to be presented, will be done, God willing.
The Internet is an intriguing place filled with many wonderful things and information both true and false. You must always be careful and know the source to judge its validity. There are stooges of Satan who load the internet with lies, gossip and baseless accusations. Like their master, they remain in the dark, hidden and faceless. They claim false histories too. (Just this week we saw someone who claimed "his paranormal studies later culminated in 1987 at the age of 16 when he began his research under the tutelage of Ed and Lorraine Warren." Totally false!). As always, it is important to ask questions and seek facts, not just believe what someone or a group tells you. Time is one test for truth and Ed and Lorraine Warren have been on the scene for over 60 years - They are the real deal. Door Cross


Ed Warren, Religious Demonologist

As to why her and Ed do what they do, she tells us in an interview on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show in the late 1980's.

"This is now our 42nd year of research. It was many years ago that Ed and I had to make a choice regarding going into these homes. Were we going in there to satisfy our curiosity or were we going in there to help people. When we decided that it was important to help these people, we found thatit was only through the area of the church that help was ever forthcoming. Although we respect science, it is only through an ordained clergyman that the phenomena is ever brought to an end. Science has never stopped anything in these homes and science will never stop anything in these homes."

The key element here is that they came to help and seek a solution. They provided comfort and resolve for thousands of people.

And to this day, Lorraine continues that mission.