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Ed and Lorraine Warren
Over 60 years of experience

For over 60 years they helped people with paranormal problems.
Their faith in God was their main support through the unknown and in their fight with the devil and the occult.

Rev. James J. Anzianno
Friend AND Archivist for Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren

This needs to be said

I reject Satan
All his works
All his empty promises.
I believe in God, the Father Almighty…
In Jesus Christ His Only Son
Who was born of the Virgin Mary
Crucified, died…Rose from the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
The Holy Catholic Church,
The Communion of Saints,
The forgiveness of sins
The Resurrection…and Life Everlasting.

And in His words,
“What profit does He show who gains the world (makes profit),
yet loses his soul in the process”.
This “Night with Annabelle”- taking the demon doll out of its tomb in the Museum, is a mockery of the resurrection.
Making profit on it is like the soldiers dividing the garments of Christ among them.
All those who attend these affairs will be in grave spiritual danger. They seem to be encouraged by occultists, who look on this cursed item as their idol.
The items of the Museum serve no purpose but to continue the curse, and should be destroyed.
The Church has deemed this museum as an encouragement and promotion for the occult.
Let the proper ministers destroy them and thus declare your belief in God.
The devotion and faith of two pioneers who helped thousands for over 60 years can stand on its own. Bring that and not the evil they fought.
I am not the Church. I am its faithful, yet fragile and obedient servant.
Trust in God and believe in Him.

One final note, These items are not to be feared. The power of Jesus Christ is stronger. But the placement in a box - locked away - unfortunately gives the message that the devil is powerful and to be feared. It becomes an attraction for the occult. The devil has been conquered and trembles in fear before Jesus Christ. The only way the devil can enter you -is by your will.